Training & Exercise Science

Training science and sports practice are closely fused. Whether it is training and diagnostics of strength, speed or endurance or application research in the sports: training control and training-accompanying measures are further developed for young and old as well as for recreational and competitive sports.

Many people strive for performance, success and fitness in and through sport. Training science helps to achieve a self-imposed goal with as few detours as possible and to follow the path to this goal in an innovative, evidence-based and thus motivated way. We leave as little as possible to chance!

Prof. Dr. Alexander Ferrauti, head of training & exercise science

Which badminton drills are effective? How to test a goalkeeper? How to optimize the serve in tennis? What is effective about HIIT protocols and the ice barrel? We are working on five research areas in MoveLab of the faculty and on the sports field. Our diagnostics mobile takes us where we need to go.

We bring the athletic field into the lecture hall and the seminar into a sweat. Innovative athletic training, training-accompanying interventions, as well as training in childhood and with the older age groups are covered through praxis. Our teaching follows our own textbook "Training Science for Sports Practice".

We love sports! On this page, the employees of the LFB Training & Exercise Science introduce themselves and their tasks.

Those who want to improve their performance need professional help. ZeDI offers comprehensive services for recreational and competitive sports.


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Prof. Dr. Alexander Ferrauti and a team of teachers from Bochum have published a richly illustrated textbook for students of sports science and trainers.


Congratulations to Antonia Edel and Henry Huick winning the Student Award 2021 with their Master's theses.


This video shows how regeneration methods can be applied in practice.

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