Student Council Sport Science

The student council represents the interests of the students; we arbitrate between students and lecturers. We answer questions about your studies, organize preparation and orientation days, accompany you to the aptitude test and ensure a welcoming atmosphere by organizing parties and other events.

Do you have any questions or issues concerning the preparation for the aptitude test? Come to our practice days, we would like to help you!

New to your studies? Get to know us and your fellow students and enjoy an action-packed weekend!


Any questions? Here you can find our office hours and the contact details of all student council members. We are here for you!

Our tasks

We, the sport science student council, represent all of our students towards higher authorities in the faculty, but also at the whole university. We speak for the students in various commissions, such as the faculty council or the committee for teaching. Furthermore, we arbitrate between students and lecturers. If you have problems in seminars and don't want to talk about them yourself, contact us. We are there to support you. We also answer your questions about your studies and give you helpful tips.
For the students of the faculty, we organize different events, like the "Sportlerparty - Das Original" and the like. Last but not least we sell merchandise with our logo. Fitting is possible in the room of the student council. We also organize the orientation days for the students in their first semester.

If you have any suggestions, come by or write to us.

  • Organization and execution of the preparation days (aptitude test)
  • Helping with the aptitude test (squad leadership)
  • Organization and realization of the orientation days (weekend for students in their first semester)
  • Organization and support of events for sport students (party, summer festival, selling mulled wine, etc.)
  • Merchandising (sweaters, t-shirts, etc.)
  • Plenary Meeting - once a year (election of student council members, etc.)


  • Faculty Council: 1. Annette Hahn, 2. Laura Leitheiser, 3. Eric Zerau
  • Committee for Planning, Structure and Finance: Leonie Goldberg (Deputy: Julia Oberholz)
  • Advisory Board/Commission for Teaching: Eric Zerau, Jonny Richter, Julia Oberholz (Deputy: Leonie Goldberg, Niklas Scherff, Sophie Stainert)
  • Evaluation Commission: Magdalena Hartlaub (Deputy: Lina Knillmann)
  • Committee for Young Scientists, Research and International Affairs: Leonie Thiele (Deputy: Laura Leitheiser)
  • Committee for Quality Improvement in Teaching and Studies (QVM): Max Kuhn, Jens Bader, Johanna Anders, Vincent Sander (Deputy: Niklas Scherff, Dario Krause, Paul Panglisch, Hussain Khan)
  • Student Representative Conference: Eric Zerau (Deputy: Hussain Khan)
  • Board of examiners: Hanna Schmidt (Deputy: Jannik Samson)


Before study

1. Where and how often does the aptitude test for studying sport science take place and what are the requirements?

The aptitude test takes place twice a year. During the summer semester in the week after Whitsun and during the winter semester usually at the beginning of October.
All information about the aptitude test and the corresponding deadlines can be found here

2. How can I prepare for the sport aptitude test?
The student council offers preparation days about 6 as well as about 3 weeks before the aptitude test. The exact dates will be published here as soon as they are set. It is not necessary to register for the preparation days, just show up!
Alternatively, sports tutorials are offered by students during the lecture period, which can also be attended by prospective students. For more information just contact the corresponding tutor via mail. You can find the contact details here.

If you still have major deficits, it is recommended that you join a sports club for a few months and train there in the relevant disciplines.
If you want to prepare for the test on your own, there are videos of many disciplines on the DSHS Youtube channel, e.g. of the header, gymnastics, etc.

3. Do I need the aptitude test to apply for the study program?
No, you can apply online for a university place even if you have not taken the test yet. You only need to show proof of having passed the test when you enrol in person, not when you apply.

4. Are there any prerequisite courses that I have to take?
No, prerequisite courses do not have to be taken for the Sport Science program.

However, the course "Introduction to Sport Science" is mandatory and usually takes place the week before the semester start.

In study

1. Which courses do I have to register for before the semester starts?
You only need to register for praxis courses and seminars before the start of the semester; you do not usually need to register for lectures beforehand.

2. What deadlines do I have to observe?
General deadlines for the start of lectures and vacations as well as for application and enrollment can be found on the official RUB website under "Deadlines and lecture times".

Examination dates and registration deadlines for module (final) examinations and Bachelor thesis can be found on the website of the examination office.
For lecture and sport exams, the registration deadlines are announced on CampusOffice in the corresponding course. The registration period for seminars is also announced there.
The period for course selections in the undergraduate program usually starts about 1 ½ to 2 months before the start of the new semester and usually lasts 3 weeks. This is published on the faculty homepage.

3. Where and when do I register for the optional area?
In the optional area, courses are completed that are not related to the course of study and complement the subject. Students of the examination regulations 2013 and 2015 have to complete 15 CP, students of the examination regulations 2018 and newer 10 CP.
You can find all courses on the RUB Optional Area page. There you will be redirected to CampusOffice via the desired course, where you can then register for the corresponding course. Alternatively, you can access the courses in the optional area directly via the special course catalogue at eCampus.
We recommend that you complete the optional area relatively early in your studies so that you can fully concentrate on your final exams and the Bachelor thesis at the end of your studies.

4. How do I create my timetable?
When which event takes place is published on CampusOffice about 3 months before the semester starts. There you can add events to your schedule to get an overview of your semester. Note, however, that you are not registered for the event just by adding it, this is only possible through the registration process!

5. Is there any help with the exam preparation?
You can find many summaries and old exam questions at the "Sportis Bochum" on Facebook.
Otherwise, it is best to ask fellow students who have already written the corresponding exam or come to us, we often have helpful tips in store.

6. How do I get the Sportis clothes?
You can buy our collection online at If you are unsure about colour or size, you can try on samples in our student council room. We will inform you regularly about special offers on our Instagram channel.

7. When are vacations?
There are Christmas and Whitsun vacations as well as the lecture-free period. However, exams take place during this time, and it is also a good time for homework and internships.
On our information board in front of the student council room we regularly post current job and internship advertisements, so always take a look when you come by.
You can find the exact dates here.

8. What advantages do I have as a student in Bochum?
Studying in Bochum is worth it! Besides the discounts for all students (e.g. Amazon Prime) you can visit many cultural events in Bochum for free.
You also get a NRW-Ticket, which allows you to travel for free on public transportation throughout NRW. In addition, there is the possibility to rent bikes for 30 minutes for free with the nextbike app.
Apart from the perks, Bochum is a young city with many student dorms and shared flats, good nightlife and lots of cool parties! To compensate, numerous parks and the Kemnader Lake offer a way to relax.

9. How can I participate in the student council?
You are interested in the work of the student council? Great, then just talk to us during our office hours, we are always happy about support!
All of our student council meetings are open to the public and are announced on the information board in front of the student council room. You are welcome to attend them to get an idea of what we do as a student council.

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