Sports History and Sociology

Movement culture and sport are cultural and social phenomena shaped by human hands, which are reflected upon by sports history and sports sociology within the framework of sports science.

The history of sport examines the content, organisational forms, functions and senses of movement culture and sport in their historical development from early human times to the present. The sociology of sport generates knowledge that critically analyses sport at the levels of structures, organisations and interactions and stimulates reflection. Both disciplines together offer a broadly based orientation knowledge that is indispensable for goal-oriented and well-founded practical action in sport.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Luh, Head of Sports History and Acting Head of Sports Sociology

"History is a meaningful connection between the past and the present that people create narratively in order to gain orientation for present and future action." (Jörn Rüsen, 1980)

Sports sociology generates knowledge that critically analyses sport at the structural, organisational and interactional levels and encourages reflection.

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Cover Buch Sportgeschichte

In seinem neuen Buch führt Andreas Luh kompakt in den Teilbereich Sportgeschichte der Sportwissenschaft ein.


Am 17. Juni 2021 trafen wir uns im VIP-Bereich des Ruhrstadions mit Radio Bochum zur Erstellung eines 30-minütigen Podcasts.

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Hier geht es zu weiteren Kurzmeldungen und zum News-Archiv des Lehr- und Forschungsbereichs.

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