Teaching in Sport Pedagogy

The courses offered by our department shed light on the educational potential of movement, play and sport in school and extracurricular fields of practice with regard to democracy, diversity, empowerment, fairness and health. We follow the principle of inquiry-based learning and ask the following sport pedagogical and sport didactical questions:

What's on the curriculum?

  • How can movement, play and sport contribute to overcoming discrimination and disadvantages of people and to developing new forms of togetherness?
  • What role do body, gender, performance play in physical education?
  • How can health and social education succeed in and through sports?
  • What characterizes the quality of a digitalized learning arrangement in the subject of sports?
  • What does professional sport pedagogical action mean in the various fields of application of sport?
  • How can inclusive teaching methods be implemented with heterogeneous learning groups and what diagnostic competencies are required?

Seminars, teaching exercises and excursions on these and other topics are on the program in the LFB Sport Pedagogy.

Students can find detailed information on the courses and examinations in sports pedagogy on the learning platform "Moodle".


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