Sports Medicine and Sports Nutrition

What is the physiological load in sport? How does the body react at height? What kind of nutrition do competitive athletes need? What can be done about back pain? How can sports injuries be prevented? The teaching and research area of Sports Medicine and Sports Nutrition deals with these and other related topics.

Sports medicine and sports nutrition are closely related. Sports medicine has an extremely broad range of topics; it includes prevention, therapy and rehabilitation. Sports nutrition helps athletes to improve their performance and supports them during regeneration after exertion. An extremely exciting interplay!

Prof. Dr. Petra Platen, head of sports medicine and sports nutrition

Simulations with dummies, video recordings of movement sequences, eyesight tests or audiometry, blood tests - all this is done in the labs of the sports science department.

From the structure of the body to exercise programmes for different target groups to an introduction to laboratory work: all this is covered by the courses in sports medicine and sports nutrition.

The teaching and research area of sports medicine and sports nutrition has many faces. On this page we introduce ourselves.

Would you like a medical examination about your health and performance or would you like to train more efficiently?

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Sports medicine journals

Organisations and institutions in the field of sport and sport science

Libraries / Databases

Publishers and bookstores with sport science literature

  • Sportverlag Strauß
  • Verlag Human Kinetics (USA) (one of the most important publishers of sports science literature worldwide) (including numerous links in all sports science subfields)
    Miscellaneous from sports medicine and sports science

Various topics from sports medicine and sport science

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