Sport Psychology

How and to what extent are subjective feelings affected by sport? How does being active affect social behavior? How can I optimize my sleep and recovery? The department of sport psychology looks at competitive and health sports from a psychological perspective.

Sport psychology is concerned with the experience and behavior in sports. Our focus in research and application is on optimising recovery strategies and developing recovery management in relation to training and other non-sport related stress.

Prof. Dr. Michael Kellmann, Head of sport psychology

How do competitive athletes regenerate best? How do they optimise their sleep? How do you develop reliable and meaningful questionnaire procedures? These are questions of sports psychology research.

Mental health and resilience are essential requirements for maximum physical performance. Education in the field of sport psychology examines this connection.

Sport psychology at RUB has many faces. On these pages we introduce ourselves with our tasks and main areas of work.

The offers of the Centre for Sport Psychology aim to optimise performance-relevant psychological skills and abilities.

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