Education in sport psychology

Mental health and resilience are essential requirements for maximum physical performance. Education in the field of sport psychology examines this connection.

Central educational topics

First, students become familiar with the basics and methods of the discipline. In seminars, they learn techniques of interviewing in training and therapy, and they also acquire knowledge of organisational and human resource psychology.

Fundamentals of sport psychology

  • Introduction to sport psychology
  • Competitive and health sports from a psychological perspective
  • Psychological diagnostics and intervention in competitive sport


  • Conversational skills
  • Communication competence
  • Individual counselling in sport

Research and methodology

  • Methods of empirical social research
  • Methods
  • Research skills
  • Accompanying seminar for the scientific project


  • Health and regeneration management
  • Exercise psychology & psychometrics
  • Organisational and personnel psychology
  • Entrepreneurship and elite sport

Learning platform "Moodle"

Students of the Ruhr-University Bochum can find detailed information on the schedule of this educational and research area on the platform "Moodle". Moodle

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