Textbook Training & Exercise Science

Under the editorship of Prof. Dr. Alexander Ferrauti and a large team of teachers from Bochum, a richly illustrated textbook has been produced that is aimed at students of sports science as well as trainers.


The topics of the basic lecture in the subject of training science as well as the advanced seminars in the study focus of training and diagnostics are presented in a clear and practically relevant manner. Information on performance diagnostics, training control, monitoring and competition analysis form the backbone of the book. The basic knowledge of strength, speed, flexibility, endurance and technique training is introduced through selected biological principles, expanded through digressions on modern training interventions and illustrated with concrete training examples. The clear plea for individualisation and sport-specificity of training is taken into account by separate chapters on training in pool swimming, triathlon, basketball, football, volleyball and tennis. In addition to competitive sports, the book also focuses on the special features of training with children and young people as well as with middle-aged and older athletes.

The book combines an internationally oriented research-oriented training science with a high application value for sports practice. The didactic concept is rounded off by interactive additional material in the form of video examples that can be easily accessed with the Springer Nature More Media app.

Ferrauti, A. (2020). Trainingswissenschaft für die Sportpraxis. Heidelberg, Springer.
650 Seiten, ISBN: 9783662582268, 39,99 Euro (inkl. MwSt.)

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