Research in Sports Management and Consulting

Studies on organisational development regarding sports in associations take an exposed role in this field of research. They analyse organisational structures and processes, aspects of the members' behaviour and actions and facets of the quality of service.

Our research

Main focus

  • Development and manageability of sports organisations:

In this research area, development-related and control-relevant phenomena of (sports) organisations are analysed. In addition, intersectoral cooperation and network structures in which sports organisations are increasingly involved (e.g. health networks, full-day care in schools, integration programmes) are examined concerning their functionality and effectiveness.

  • Socioeconomics of individual behaviour in sports:

The focus is on various facets of individual behaviour in sports. From a socioeconomic perspective, the research explores the behaviour of people from different age groups regarding sports and physical activity, individual career paths and decisions concerning a career asin the field of sport, as well as the behaviour of members in sports clubs (voluntary work, social integration, dropout behaviour).

  • Marketing and digitisation in sports:

On the one hand, the focus is on the analysis of sports services (measurement of customer satisfaction, quality management in sports services), on the other hand on the conceptual design and adaptation of marketing activities in sports organisations (e.g. concepts of customer and member management, aspects of relationship marketing) and their evaluation. In this context, the potentials of digital transformation play a central role and become beneficial for marketing management in sports organisations.

  • Sports economics metropolitan research:

The area of competence of metropolitan research as a research network of the UA Ruhr with its various fields is dedicated to current and relevant topics of metropolitan research (more information at: In this context, the increased intersectoral relevance of sports in the context of economical, cultural and social development processes in metropolitan areas suggests a specific scientific approach.

Current projects

INAMOS “Integration of Newly Arrived Migrants through Organised Sport - From European policy to local Sports Club Practice”

  • International joint research project (overall direction in Bochum)
  • Duration 01/2020- 12/2022
  • Funding: EU (ERASMUS+)

Top-class sports and Federal Armed Forces - About the course of dual-sports, education and professional careers with the Federal Armed Forces

  • Funding: Federal Ministry of Defence
  • Cooperation with: IST Düsseldorf
  • Duration: 09/2019 - 12/2021

Processes and consequences of professionalisation in sports clubs

  • Funding: DFG (Lead Agency)
  • Cooperation with: University of Bern
  • Duration: from 10/2021 - 09/2024
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