Education in eHealth and Sports Analytics

The eHealth and Sports Analytics teaching and research area oversees the methodology training at the Faculty of Sport Science as well as the lectures on digitisation in sport.

What's on the curriculum?

  • How do I plan my own study, for example for my thesis?
  • Which aspects are important to keep in mind when collecting data? How to process the data?
  • Which statistical approaches are suitable for the evaluation of my research questions?
  • How do I interpret the statistical parameters?
  • How can sport science use digital solutions, e.g. artificial intelligence in competitive sports, fitness devices and digital movement applications in prevention, treatment and rehabilitation?

These and other questions are addressed in the courses provided in the field of education and research concerning eHealth and Sports Analytics.

Learning platform „Moodle“

Students of the Ruhr University Bochum can find detailed information on the events of this education and research area on the following platform "Moodle". Moodle

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