Centre for Sport Psychology

The Centre for Sport Psychology links theory and research in sport psychology with practice in various fields of application in sport .It aims above all to optimise performance-relevant psychological skills and abilities.

You only fly as far as you already are in your head.

– Jens Weißflog, former German ski jumper

Success has many components

Athletes and coaches need a variety of psychological performance prerequisites for their success, such as the ability to concentrate, decision-making skills and stress tolerance. The Centre for Sport Psychology (ZFS) works together with athletes and coaches in a practical, scientific, and qualified way to develop, expand, or optimise such performance components.

Who does the ZFS support?

Our support services are aimed at athletes of all ages. We look after athletes, teams and coaches in the children's and youth area, in the junior area, in A to D squads of professional associations and in the professional area.

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For detailed information on the concept and services of the Centre for Sport Psychology, please see the brochure.

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