Centre for Diagnostics and Intervention (ZeDI)

Those who want to improve their performance need professional help. ZeDI offers comprehensive services for recreational and competitive sports.

ZeDI combines the competencies of training and movement science. The team scores with a high degree of mobility and sport-specific competence, especially regarding

  • Run/Bike/Triathlon
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Basketball

The ZeDI Mobile with portable test inventory enables performance diagnostic examinations at your training location. In cooperation with the associations of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (e.g. German Tennis Confederation), the centre supports the diagnostics of young and talented athletes.

The supply

ZeDI provides professional and competent support for performance-oriented young athletes in childhood and adolescence, competitive athletes in active age and recreational athletes in middle and old age in optimally managing their training.

Overview of the interventions

  • Performance diagnostics: General and sport-specific performance diagnostics with predominantly mobile test inventory using standard test procedures as well as innovative self-developed tests with individual evaluation and advice.
  • Training camps: Organisation of training camps and courses including performance diagnostics to improve conditional performance.
  • Running style analysis: High-speed video-based running style analysis with individual training recommendations
  • Training documentation: Assistance with the differentiated documentation and analysis of training interventions. This optionally includes nutrition documentation and nutrition analysis.
  • Coaches' service and further education: Regular practice-oriented contributions within the framework of national and international coaches' meetings. In addition, provision and download of tools for training management

Performance diagnostics

We can carry out many field tests at your training location with a team squad of up to 30 players or an entire running training group within a few hours. We offer complete standardised test batteries or the desired combination of individual tests. We are the only institution in Germany with a special test battery for offensive and defensive actions in the football goal.

Test options

Field tests (possible individually or in combination)

  • Anthropometry and body composition (e.g. bioimpedance measurement of fat mass and lean body mass).
  • Strength and mobility (e.g. Functional Movement Screen and practical tests for abdominal and back muscles)
  • Balance (simple and complex test procedures on the Posturomed®)
  • Elementary speed tests (e.g. repetition jumps and tapping to analyse jump efficiency, ground contact time and frequency speed).
  • Complex and sports game specific speed (e.g. linear sprints and change of direction sprints as well as agility with and without selection reaction using radio controlled double light barriers).
  • Change of direction sprint test Tennis
  • Elasticity and action speed of the lower extremity (e.g. countermovement jump, squat jump as well as throwing and shooting speed).
  • Action speed and precision of the upper extremity (impact and throwing speed measurement by radar)
  • Serve measurement
  • Basic endurance tests (field level test with blood lactate measurement)
  • Sports game specific endurance tests
    20 m Shuttle Run Test
    Hit & Turn Tennis Test
  • Running and technique analysis (e.g. jumps, punches, shots or throws) by using high-speed video recordings
  • Training analyses with heart rate and blood lactate measurement

Laboratory tests

  • Treadmill or bicycle ergometry to determine the individual training areas
  • Complex isometric and dynamic strength diagnostics
  • Speed/time characteristics during sprinting by using laser measurement
  • Analysis of walking and running

Standardised test batteries for special target groups

  • DTB-Conditionstest
  • DBB-Conditionstest

If requested, we work on further individual questions by developing new tests.


Are you interested in any of our services? You can find examples regarding the price range here Preisliste. We would be glad to provide you with individual and non-binding advice.

The Team

  • Dr. Florian Hanakam, head of the organisation
  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Ferrauti, scientific consulting & research
  • Nicola Volk, performance diagnostic Tennis
  • Lara Kamp, performance diagnostic running/bike
  • Antonia Edel, ergospirometry
  • Dr. Christoph Schneider, scientific consulting & research
  • Jo-Lâm Vuong, performance diagnostics sports games

Cooperation partner

Health check-ups and eyesight diagnostics

ZeDI cooperates with the Chair of Sports Medicine and Sports Nutrition at the Ruhr University Bochum (Head: Prof. Dr. med. Petra Platen) for the implementation of sports medicine-clinical health check-ups (responsible: Dr. med. Markus de Marées) and for sport-specific eyesight diagnostics (Dr. Gernot Jendrusch).

Sport psychological consultation

ZeDI cooperates with the Centre for Sport Psychology of the Department of Sport Psychology at the Ruhr University Bochum (leadership: Prof. Dr. Michael Kellmann) in all questions of sport psychological support (sport psychological training interventions, team and individual counselling, etc.).

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