Guiding principle of the Faculty of Sport Science

The Faculty of Sport Science at the Ruhr University Bochum (RUB) is one of the largest and most renowned sport science education and research institutions in Germany.

Identify and research topics relevant to sports science, prepare them in a way that is specific to the target group and professional field, teach and learn in a practical and research-oriented way, and act application-oriented.

Sport Science in Bochum has a broadly based and interdisciplinary structure that combines both humanities and social science disciplines as well as medical and natural science disciplines. Our work is based on the common fascination of students, lecturers and researchers for competitive sports and also for the diversity of forms of today's movement culture. Our sport science activities are based on values and aim at performance and health, competition and fairness, creativity and function, experience and identity, community and social responsibility.

In research, phenomena and questions are taken from the fields of sport and professional practice and investigated within the sub-disciplines on several levels for explanation up to basic research. We maintain close cooperation with sports associations and schools, work together with sports teachers, and support athletes and coaches. Interdisciplinary cooperation within our faculty, with the other faculties of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, the universities of the University Alliance Ruhr (UAR) as well as with national and international cooperation partners is a matter of course for us. Our expertise in sport science also offers a wide range of connecting factors that extend beyond the narrow field of sports, both in terms of research and the professional field.

In teaching, our faculty offers its students a high-quality education that meets the requirements of both the in-school and out-of-school job markets in a differentiated way. Based on solid knowledge transfer and problem- and application-oriented formats, research-based learning is the centre of attention regarding our intentions.

A special characteristic of Bochum Sport Science is the theory-based education of practical sports teaching and mediation skills. The acquirement of a basic sport motor self-realization leads to a deeper understanding of the physiological and anatomical, the movement and training science, the sport psychology and didactic-methodical basics as well as the pedagogical directions of motor learning and mediation processes.

The promotion of young researchers is our special concern. Bachelor's and master's students learn to actively conduct research by developing their questions, working on them in teams and presenting them. Bachelor and Master's graduates are supported at an early stage to present their research results at national and international conferences and congresses. The inter-faculty RUB Research School enables not only the successful completion of dissertation projects of the young scientists but also their comprehensive qualification 'beyond the horizon' of their subject discipline.

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